Grow your business with a powerful integrated POS solution that allows you to sell onsite and online

Upselling and Cross Selling Using Fashion Inventory Matrix for Microsoft Dynamics GP Not only does Fashion Inventory Matrix allow fashion, apparel, and footwear companies to easily enter customer orders, but it also provides a 360 degree view of the style, sizes and designs that can be offered to the customer. Visibility of the inventory on

Integrate your eCommerce webstore with your ERP system

The change in the way customers now buy and the emerging advancements in technology have changed the way people conduct business over the years. The industrialization process that started in 1930s changed the way people live and do business. The next major change came with the Communication revolution with the advent of internet that totally

What features should you look for in a POS system?

What features should you look for in a POS system? When a retail store grows beyond the basic needs of just checking out and needs to progress to a better system that can respond to customer demands and manage inventory and pricing, it is time to move from a cash register to a Point of

ERP System – the backbone of every organization and eCommerce webstore is the extension of company’s sales and ordering system, a gateway for the customer to reach the organization with their orders and inquiries. It make sense to integrate eCommerce and ERP system since a significant amount of information is

X2X eCommerce is a comprehensive Omni Channel Solution that leverages the power of Magento eCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics GP, both market leaders in their respective fields. X2X eCommerce is the ideal mix of function, affordability and power of both programs. X2X eCommerce take your business to new heights by connecting.

The following formula is used in Microsoft Dynamics GP for depreciating Fixed Asset using straight line method. Formula: (Cost – Salvage Value – (LTD Depreciation Amount – YTD Depreciation Amount)) ÷ Remaining Life in Days.  Where:  Cost = Cost of Asset Salvage Value = Estimated realizable value of an asset at the end of its life LTD

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One of Microsoft’s most popular promotion is back! The “Give me 5″ model is making a comeback this fall with two new promotions Give me 5 Starter and Give me 5 +2 Extended. Both Microsoft Dynamics GP promotions expire on December 27th, 2014; so act fast and contact us today!  Give me 5 Starter Microsoft Dynamics GP Starter

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