Customer Management in Microsoft Business Central Shopify Connector


Customer Management in Microsoft Business Central Shopify Connector is a very useful feature. The connector allows managing Shopify customers as part of an ERP or syncing ERP customers to the Shopify website. This capability provides greater insight and also a better analysis of sales with respect to customers. Customer Synchronization Section in Shop Card Detail […]

Microsoft Shopify Connector for Dynamics 365 Business Central


Microsoft Shopify connector easily integrates Business Central and Shopify to ensure smooth operations between backend ERP and front-end e-commerce stores. This blog covers some prominent features of the connector. Connect Multiple Stores Connect multiple Shopify stores with Business Central. Connector denotes stores as shops. Go to Shopify  >> Shops >> New to create a new […]

Fashion Inventory Matrix in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Fashion Inventory Matrix provides a powerful solution for wholesale and distribution companies dealing with multi-dimensional inventory items. The Fashion Inventory Matrix helps companies provide top-of-line customer service, better manage inventories and improve the purchase ordering process. If you have ever worked in apparel, footwear, luggage, or any industry that has complicated dimensions, then you’ll know […]

Understanding Vendor Cards in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Use Vendor Cards to track the status of vendors and to print reports. Moreover, it’s important to keep this information up to date to reflect your company’s current activity. So, use the Vendor Maintenance window to create new vendor cards. Before you begin entering the first vendors, consider how to arrange the current and future […]

Scheduled Payments in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Scheduled Payments in Microsoft Dynamics GP enables greater automation and better accuracy in any company’s Accounts Payable (AP) Management. You can choose the interest rate, payment frequency, and other information when you create a payment schedule, and you can create a payment schedule using any posted document. Payment schedules are created from documents. However, payment schedules may vary […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Export Customizations

It’s a good idea to have a backup of your CRM system’s “Solution”. A Solution is a repository of all customizations and modifications to all components within your organization. Components include entities, fields, relationships, forms, reports, processes, and other elements as well.   The Solutions feature can be used to export all unmanaged solution customizations such as modified […]

How to Create Payment Methods in Magento and Map them with Dynamics GP

A payment gateway is a key to securing an E-commerce business. So, selecting payment methods that are suitable for your business type deserves proper attention. In short, a wrong choice is going to be a disaster for your payment system. Moreover, a customer’s trust and loyalty depend on the payment processing system you offer.   […]

Uploading inventory items from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Magento eCommerce

Export Inventory from GP It is easy to upload inventory items from GP to Magento. Items to be uploaded to Magento e-commerce are marked in GP. They should include quantities, multi-tier price levels, attributes, and meta information. If the item is modified manually in GP, the data is updated as soon as the changes are […]