Defining a substitute item helps in a situation when an inventory of the original item does not exist, and urgent order comes in. It is a normal business practice to offer customers a substitute option rather than losing a sale. In Business Central we can define a substitute of an item within an item card and if the item is not available in the inventory at the time of Sales, then it can be replaced by its substitute on Sales Order with any specified condition which is usually the customer’s agreement to buy a substitute item.

Define Substitute Item:

In an item card, there is an option “Related” present at the top, from there go to Item and then Substitutions

Defining a substitute item

Item Substitute Entry window appears. Select a substitute item no. from the drop-down list.

Defining a substitute item

We can specify a condition of substitution with the available “Condition” option.

Defining a substitute item

Use Substitute Item in Sales Order:

If the main item is not available, then to replace it with a substitute item in the Sales Order follow the steps.

  1. On a sales order when quantity is entered for an original item, a notification appears regarding unavailability.
  2. Go into the details to know that either substitute exists.
  3. Click “Yes” to open the Item Substitute Entry window. If there is a checkmark on the condition it means that a substitute condition exists.
  4. See the Condition by clicking on the condition option
  5. If the customer agrees on a mentioned condition, then replace an original item with a substitute item. Go to the Lines tab select Line then Related Information and finally Select Substitute Item.

  6. The item is now substituted in the Lines tab; the order is ready to proceed further.

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