Business Central provides functionality to import multiple item pictures simultaneously. It requires creating a zip folder of images. Store Item images in a folder and name each file according to the number of the related item. Next, create a zip folder to import it into the Business Central.

After saving images with the same name as Item no. convert this folder to zip by Send to >> Compressed (zipped) folder.

Import Item Images

From the role center page search “Inventory Setup” and open the related link.

In the Inventory, setup window go to Related >> Import Item Pictures

In the Import Item, picture window select a zip file to import by clicking on the three dots

Enable the replace picture option if you want to replace any existing picture with the new one during the import process.

Importing a folder creates a separate line for each item and picture in the Import Item Picture window. Check-marked the item whose image is going to be replaced during the import process.

Now click on the import picture option to complete the process.

After the import picture process executes, the status also changes to completed in the Import status column.

The images of the respective items imported into the Item card

This blog covers the simple process through which we can import images in bulk into the Business Central. accsoft has years of experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERPs and also providing support to clients. For further assistance and to make us your implementation partner reach us at info@localhost

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