Create a fixed asset in Business Central to manage periodic depreciation of equipment, keep track of maintenance costs, etc. Select the Fixed Asset option available under the header of Finance on the Role Center page. You can also search Fixed Asset directly through the search option.

Click New to create a new fixed asset.

In the fixed asset card,  fill in all the relevant details like its class, sub-class, department for which it is purchased, the responsible employee, etc. in the General tab.

Similarly, fill the details in the depreciation tab

In the fixed asset card maintenance tab you can also assign a vendor responsible for the maintenance of the particular equipment. The vendor from whom you have purchased this asset and the vendor responsible for its maintenance can be the same or different.

Fixed Asset Acquisition

After filling in the details, go to Actions >> Acquire

Specify the ledger type for posting acquisition

Fill in the acquisition cost and date in the Fixed Asset Acquisition card.

Complete the acquisition by clicking on the finish

When you complete the acquisition process, book values are also filled out in the depreciation tab.

The newly created fixed asset will appear in the list.

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