Business Central refers to products as items. Every business needs to have a proper record of their selling items and all the correspondence related to them. Define all the item details in an Item card of  Business Central and they will be available every time for further processing, like at the time of selling and purchasing. Item card offers a number of useful features and options according to the requirement, this blog covers the basic item creation.

Item Creation Process

To create an item, click items on the role center page or search them through the search option. The list of all existing items will appear, if items don’t exist in a system the list will appear empty. Click “New” to create a new item.

List of Items in Business Central

Item card will open, in an item card there are different sections for different details. The first section comprises the general information which includes name, category, unit of measure, etc.

Item card in Business Central

The next section is of inventory in which you can define shelf no (If any particular shelf of warehouse associated with the item), net weight, gross weight, etc. Most fields in this section have transactional data means they will populate according to the sales and purchase.

Similarly, details will be filled in other sections like cost & posting, price, and sales, etc. There are sections related to a specific purpose like planning, replenishment, follow our blog series for the details of those sections.

In the Item tracking section define either system uses a serial number or Lot No to track items. Similarly, define the warehouse details in the relevant section. Filling the required details in an item card completes the item creation and is ready to use for further processing. Item will appear in the items list as well.

Items list in Business Central

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