Business Central is a comprehensive solution for mid-sized organizations. It is a very common situation in business that there are subsidiary companies and a parent or holding company.  Usually in this case businesses prefer to handle all the billings by a parent company. To solve this issue there is an option to create Parent & Child relationships in Business Central Customer Card.

There are different sections in the customer card including general, contact, invoicing, etc. If you look at the invoicing section there is an option to define Bill-to-Customer for invoicing purposes. This will create a parent-child relationship in the customer card.

Impact on Sales Transactions:

In sales transaction the pricing from the parent card group will apply. Now create a Sales order to observe the impact of this relation ship. In the Shipping and Billing section of a sales order the customer is different. This is the parent customer which is defined in a Bill-to-Customer of a customer card.

In this same section we have an option to define the shipping address other than the default one. Address and contact available in customer card is a default one. If we want to deliver any order to a different address then we can simply define that address by selecting a custom address from the drop down menu of Ship to field.

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