Vendor card in Business Central saves vendor data and the system uses it while generating purchase-related documents. There are different sections in the vendor card for a different purposes. A list of all available vendors appears on opening the related link.

Create a Vendor using option “New”

A vendor template selection window appears when you click on a “New” option. Choose the template according to the requirement, the available data in the chosen template will populate automatically in the card.

General Section:

Define the vendor’s name, no, etc. in this section. There are certain fields in this section that will populate with transactional data like Balance (LCY) etc.

Address & Contact Section:

Fill in the required details in the address and contact section. If the vendor belongs to a different region and has a different native language, then select the language code for the vendor. The information on documents will translate in the selected language.

Invoicing Section:

Fill in the required details in this section which includes posting groups, tax area code, etc. . If the vendor to whom payment has been made is different then the vendor on vendor card then select that vendor in Pay-to-Vendor field. This field is useful in cases where companies have subdivisions but the head division deals with all the payments.

Payment Section:

Specify all the payment-related details in this section, they will apply to the transactions automatically. If any prepayment is required for the vendor for order processing then define its percentage in the prepayment field. Define payment term code and method in this section as well.

Receiving Section:

Specify the receiving-related information in this section. In the location code define the default location where items will receive from this vendor. Similarly, define shipment method, code and lead time associated with the particular vendor in this section.

Vendors List

Finally the newly created vendor will appear in the list

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