Business Central allows facilitates customers and provides ways to develop a long-term relationships with them. Defining and giving early payment discounts is one such thing that increases customer engagement. If you wanted to provide a discount to your customer for paying you before the Due Date and within a specified No of days then this blog will show you how to do this.

In the Invoice Detail Tab of Sales Order, there is a field “Payment Term Code”. Use this field to define early payment discount and due date. The payment term code can be defined in a customer card as well and it will be automatically populated when Sales Order is created for that customer.

Select from the existing ones or create a new code as per your requirement. Created a new code which allows 2 % discount if payment is made with in 5 Days rather than with in 15 days. 15 days period is actual due date and 5 days period is due date to avail discount.

In invoice tab, select the newly defined code in Payment Term code field

The payment discount percentage is coming as 2 percent as defined in our code. Similarly, Payment discount date is 7/23/2022 which is exactly 5 days from the posting date i.e. 7/18/2022

This blog covers how we define our payment code, early payment discounts in Business Central. accsoft has years of experience in implementing Microsoft ERPs. Furthermore, for assistance and to make us your implementation partner reach us at info@localhost

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