Categorization of products on the basis of different parameters plays an important role in data structuring. In Business Central you can create multiple categories and also define category-specific attributes. Search for Item Categories on the role center page and open the related link.

The list of available categories in the system will appear. You can create a “New” category and also edit an existing one.

To create a new category, click on the “New” option and an Item Category card will open

Fill in the required details, if the new category is a sub-category, then associate it with its parent category as well. The attributes come automatically from the parent category because they are defined there. If you are dealing with the same color and material, you can define them also, or if it’s different for every product then leave them blank and define them while creating items.

Define an additional product-specific attribute in a new line. Also, you can delete the inherited attributes.

Select attributes from the drop-down menu, if they don’t exist define them with the “New” option, for deleting click on three dots, and select the appropriate action as shown in the below screenshot

The defined category is appearing in the list

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