Catalog items in Business Central are not regular items, they are non-stock items and not available in inventory. Please don’t confuse them with non-inventory items as the catalog items are not managed in the system until the business starts selling them. The business provides them on demand. Also, the regular item list of business central doesn’t include them, they have a separate list by the name of ” Catalog Items”. However, they can be directly added to Sales Quote & Sales Order.

Catalog Items

Search “Catalog Items” and open the related link. The list of all available catalog items appears. Use the “New” option to create a catalog item.

Catalog Items in Business Central

The catalog item card doesn’t contain detailed information. Entry no. comes from the defined no series for catalog items in Business Central. You can transfer or create a regular item from the catalog item card using the option “Create Item”‘.

Catalog Items in Business Central

To create an item from the card, select the desired template from the drop-down menu for the item creation.

Catalog Items in Business Central

Adding catalog Item in Sales Order:

Create a Sales Order and select the customer in the General tab. Next, Go to the lines tab, and rather than selecting an item, select Line then Functions, and then “Select Catalog Items”.

With the “Select Catalog Item” option, the system shows the list of all available items. Select an item from the list.

On selection, data populate in the lines tab. But, on entering the quantity, the system notifies regarding the unavailability of an item. So, plan and populate the shipment data according to the availability of an item in the warehouse.

Catalog Item automatically becomes a part of the regular item after the inclusion in Sales Order and also appears in the regular item list.

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