Items/products are the fundamental part of an ERP and an eCommerce platform. The process of item creation in Microsoft Business Central Shopify Connector is quite easy and quick as well. Furthermore, the connector allows bi-directional item creation. You can upload available items in Business Central to Shopify and vice versa.

Creating Shopify Items in Business Central

We can easily create Shopify products in Business Central with the sync option. For this purpose first, select “From Shopify” in the sync item and enable “Auto Create Unknown Items” in the Item Synchronization section of the shop card.

Now start the syncing process and the Shopify Products which are not available in Business Central will be created due to the above selected option. Similarly, you can also sync product images.

After syncing process completed, go to related -> products. The list of all products appear with its respective variants.

Creating Business Central Items on Shopify

The connector allows to create products on Shopify store as well. In the Shopify Product section go to process -> Add Items

Select the shop code, Item No. and Item Category Code

The product created on Shopify Store


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