Configuring Tax Rates in Magento and mapping them with Dynamics GP

In order to provide your customers with accurate prices, tax rates and zones must be configured correctly. It is also an attractive look for the website to have the taxes added automatically based on the customers’ region. You can configure Tax Rates in Magento and Set up for a specific region or zone. The store calculates taxes automatically at checkout.



Go to Magento Admin Panel and go to Sales → Tax → Manage Tax Rates and Zones. Click on ‘Add New Tax Rate‘ and define the tax rate. Define the Tax Identifier, the country, state, or zip code it is applicable to, and the tax rate.


Admin Panel - Tax Rates in Magento


Once the tax rates in Magento are defined, they will become available in x2x connect e-commerce module in GP. After the next scheduled data interface between GP and Magento. You can manually interface the data created in Magento by clicking on  ‘Synchronize Default Values’ and ‘Start’. This will bring all the tax rates defined in Magento to GP. Select the Magento Tax Rates in the list and browse to select the corresponding GP Payment tax detail. This will map the tax IDs in Magento with the tax details in GP.


Mapping Tax Rates with Dynamics GP

Tax Display Settings

The settings you choose will be used to calculate taxes when you are finished with the tax calculations, rates, and classes. Most importantly, we have still left out the customer experience part. You have to configure tax displaying in the catalog, shopping cart, orders, invoices, and credit memos. We recommend displaying prices including taxes or both including and excluding taxes. Before checkout, the store shows the amount customers will be charged. In other words, if you display taxes only on checkout or shopping cart, it can lead to increased cart abandonment. Moreover, retailers charging customers more than expected will not feel right.


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