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One of the essential requirements of any eCommerce solution is the creation of a catalog. We create catalogs for the purpose of grouping and categorizing similar items together. Catalogs make it easy for the site visitor to search and browse. It enables them to find the items they are looking for with the minimum number of clicks. x2x Connect e-commerce module for Dynamics GP allows you to create the web catalog from inside of GP. One has to create categories and subcategories under the e-commerce tab to do this. Each one of these categories and subcategories represents an individual catalog page on your e-commerce website catalog.


Adding Categories

To create a new category select a parent category and just type the name of the new category. We enter the required information and click save. After that, a new Catalogs page is created on your e-commerce website. You can also define the category name and description or link a video to one of the catalogs fields. Defining the Meta information will make the catalog page SEO friendly. At any point in time, you can include or exclude a catalogs page on your website by checking a box.

Catalog Categories in Dynamics GP


Assigning items to Catalog Pages

x2x Connect e-commerce module in GP enables you to manage your products and catalogs. You can assign every item with one or more pages in your catalogs. For example, you may have a camera on multiple catalog pages on your website including Digital Camera, Camcorder, and Electronics. Usually, all the items are shown on the ‘details’ page. But, only the main attractions are shown on the Category Header Catalogs. For example, a site may have 50 different cameras cataloged and shown under their respective heads. We mostly show only a few, most popular ones on the Camera page. The ability to assign an item to any catalogs page visually makes it very easy to make this happen. If you want to change items from the hot items page and put new ones, just check a few boxes.

Catalog Items in Dynamics GP

The export and import features make this even easier. It allows you to export item catalog relationships to excel, assign items to the main or sub-catalogs, and import them back. At any point in time, you can add or remove any item from any catalog page from inside of GP with just a simple click.


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