Batches are groups of transactions, identified by a name or a number. You can use it for identification purposes and to make the posting process easier. You use a batch to group similar transactions during data entry. So, you can review them before posting at a later time. Likewise, you can also identify batches as a group of transactions entered by a specific employee or on a particular date.


Like most ERP systems, Microsoft Dynamics GP also allows users to create transaction batches to manage a large volume of payments. For instance, issues can arise which can cause a batch to get hung up in the system or fail to post. When a batch fails, GP will usually prompt the user to use the GP Batch Recovery window. It lets you try and reset or recover the batch.


Modifying or deleting batches

Use the Payables Batch Entry window to correct or delete a batch. You can change or delete unposted batches at any time. Recurring batches are deleted after the batch has been posted the number of times you specify in the Recurring Posting field.
Purchasing →Transaction→ Batches

deleting batches


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