Customers viewing your Magento website have different needs depending on how they will ultimately use your products and/or services. Many of them are the end-users of the products. However, their purchase can be either personal or business-related. For example, a customer buys a printer for personal use. His needs and price range, however, will be different if the printer was for office use. Additionally, a deal on large quantities of a product, such as paper, is not attractive for customers. But, to someone making business-related purchases, it will be a very good deal.

x2x Connect

Having different price levels and quantity-based discount is a great strategy to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Magento eCommerce platform allows you to create different price levels and tiers for each specific customer group. In order to benefit from this feature, X2X connect is capable of importing the price level data between the Microsoft Dynamics GP and Magento.

Most organizations would not like to create an account for each customer who registers on their website. So, they would opt to only include the larger, commercial customers in their accounting records. The information of certain customers can be recorded into a generic customer account in Dynamics GP using X2X Connect. Thanks to this feature, non-commercial customers can benefit from price levels and quantity breaks as well.

Customer Specific Pricing in Magento

By default, Magento creates two customer groups. They are, ‘General’ for consumers registering at the website and NOT LOGGED IN’ for those who prefer to checkout as Guests. We are recommending you create additional customer groups for each Price Level defined in GP. Your website will use this. Such as, Retailers’ for resellers who will later sell the product to consumers, and Wholesalers’ who will similarly sell the product to retailers and other intermediaries. While adding a new customer price with this Magento product price per customer module, you need to select a product by name or SKU, specify a quantity to apply the discount, set a new price, and choose its type. Also, the Custom price will be applied based on the dates you select.

Customer specific pricing in Magento

Mapping Magento Customer Group with Dynamics GP

Open the General Mapping window and select the Price Level dropdown. You will see all the Customer groups defined in Magento before the automatic scheduler’s previous update of the Magento data. If you don’t see all the groups, click on ‘Synchronize Default Values’ and ‘Start’. This will bring all the values defined in Magento to GP.

Select the Magento Customer Group in the list and browse to select the corresponding GP price level. This will map the customer group in Magento with the price level in GP.

General Mapping Magento Customer Group with GP


So, in conclusion, for each customer that is entitled to special pricing, you can create a unique Customer Group. You could then set the appropriate Group Prices. Depending on how many customers are getting completely unique pricing, this can get unwieldy at some point. It’s a best practice though since it’s Magento Open-Sources native functionality, which is why it is worth utilizing. The ecosystem provides different Magento prices per customer solutions suitable for businesses of all sizes. It covers everything from the basic functionality to the advanced feature sets. So, you can choose the B2B module that copes with your e-commerce needs. And then implement Magento customer-specific pricing in the way your business requires.


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