No. Series relationship in Business Central allows users to use and define different series for the same entity. For instance, if a user wants to have a different No. Series for a different group of items then it is possible by making separate series for each group and developing a relationship between them.

This helps to group objects having similar features/properties within the same entity. Consider the following scenario in which we have created different No. Series for different groups of items.

In order to make the relationship between them, select a default or already in use No. Series.

Go to Related -> Series -> Relationships

No. Series relationship in Business Central

Select relevant No. Series from drop down menu in the Series Code. Series Description will be populated automatically.

No. Series relationship in Business Central

Now when we create a new item, number appears from the default No. Series but by clicking on the three dots, we can select a desired No. Series from the list.

Select a No. Series and click ok.

No. Series relationship in Business Central

The No. form the selected series will appear in the field.

This blog covers the No. Series relationship in Business Central, how we can define and use different series for the different groups of same entity. accsoft has years of experience in implementing Microsoft ERPs. For further assistance and to make us your implementation partner reach us at info@localhost

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