ERP and eCommerce platform integration is one of the most demanding utilities of this era. More and more businesses want to connect their ERP and eCommerce platforms with each other. This helps them synchronize key operations without the hassle, and also reduces human error. The most important task is to manage orders between the two platforms. Order Management in Microsoft Shopify Connector is quite simple and fast. This blog covers how Shopify orders are created in Business Central and how we can update the fulfillment of processed orders back to the Shopify store.

Downloading Order From Shopify to Business Central

After establishing a connection between the store and an ERP, you are ready to download Shopify orders to Business Central. Consider an order #1051 on Shopify store.

This order is not available in Business Central yet as seen in the screen shot. You can see the downloaded orders in Orders window of the shop. To download Shopify order in to Business Central go to Process -> Sync Orders from Shopify

Order Management in Microsoft Shopify Connector

The order downloaded and created in Business Central as order no. appears in Sales Order No. column. If, for any reason order downloaded but not created then the error message will appear in the respective column.

Order Management in Microsoft Shopify Connector

Processing Order in Business Central

The order is available in the Sales Orders in Business Central  with the same Sales Order no. assigned to it while creation. Open the Sales Order and process/post shipment in a similar fashion as you process the Business Central native orders.

Uploading Order Fulfillment from Business Central to Shopify

After processing the order in Business Central, the next step is to update/upload fulfillment on Shopify store. Search “Sync Shipments to Shopify” and open the related link.

Select the order no. from the drop down menu and press ok.

Order Management in Microsoft Shopify Connector

Fulfillment status now updated on Shopify for order no. #1051

This blog discuss the Order Management in Microsoft Shopify Connector. accsoft has years of experience in implementing Microsoft ERPs. Moreover, with our vast experience in an ERP & eCommerce integrations, we provide end-to-end services. For further assistance and to make us your implementation partner reach us at info@localhost

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