We use internal assembly orders when we have simple assemblies to put together and we don’t need to track all steps of production. Before creating an assembly order, do the assembly setup. The setup includes defining the no. series for assembly orders, assembly quotes, etc. Furthermore, if the business has any specific location for assembling that has always been used then it can also be mentioned in Default Location for the order field. Search “Assembly Setup” from the role center page and open the related link.

Internal Assembly Orders

Package Item & BOM Creation

The Package item is a combination of different items. Consider item “Conference Room Package”, it consists of sub-items and its replenishment system is Assembly.

Now create Assembly BOM (Bill of Materials). In the Assembly BOM field, “No” means that BOM does not exist, and we need to create it so when we click on that, a card will open where we can select the item & resource required to assemble the package.

Internal Assembly Order Creation

Now create an internal assembly order. Search “Assembly Order”, open the related link and select “New”.

Internal Assembly Orders

Fill in the details in the assembly order card. As soon as we enter the quantity in the General tab, the system will notify us that either all sub-items are available or not. We can proceed in this case but the system will not allow posting the order until the quantities are available.

On populating the quantity field, Lines tab details populate automatically with the available information on BOM. If the available warning is Yes against items, it means those items need to be in inventory to fulfill this order.

From Assembly Order, we can check Item Availability by BOM. It gives information about how much quantity is required per package and how many pieces are left after fulfilling the demand in “Available Quantity”, also how many more packages can be made based on the remaining quantities of sub-items.

After filling the inventory of needed items, we can post this order.

Internal Assembly Orders

After posting, the order moves to Posted Assembly Orders

This is how we create internal assembly orders in Business Central. accsoft has years of experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERPs. For further assistance and to make us your implementation partner reach us at info@localhost

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