How to Create Shipping Methods in Magento and Map them with Dynamics GP

Magento is the market leader in eCommerce solutions for many reasons, chief among them is its flexibility in specifying and setting up a variety of shipping methods in Magento for the convenience of the customers. Similarly, x2x Connect extends that flexibility by allowing you to map any shipping method created in Magento to any shipping method in GP. As a result, it gives your solution scalability and flexibility in reaching out to the global market.


Go to Magento Admin Panel and to Configuration→Sales → Shipping Methods. Subsequently, the system will display all the enabled shipping methods on your Magento website. Contact your preferred shipper for their API information so that you will benefit from real-time shipping estimates and rates. To clarify, let us see how to set up FedEx as a shipping method in Magento.


Shipping Methods in Magento Admin Panel

Setting up FedEx Shipping Method

Before you start: As of May 2012, FedEx made some changes to their Shipping API. If you are experiencing problems setting up the FedEx Shipping method, you will need to install a Patch that was released by FedEx which can be found here. The API credentials you will need to set up the FedEx shipping methods are:

  1. Account ID
  2. Meter Number
  3. Key
  4. Password

By signing up at FedEx’s Developer Resource Center, you can generate Test credentials intended for developers and general testing purposes. It is recommended to start the setup using these credentials first before moving to production. More information about FedEx Web Services can be found here. Log in to your FedEx account and proceed to the Develop and Test step, from there click on the Get your Test Key button.


FedEx Test and Develop - Obtain Your Test Key

Then fill in the required information on the registration form.

FedEx Registration for Test System Access


Take note of the Country, State/Province, and ZIP/Postal Code information that you provide; they will need to match exactly with the information. You will later provide it under Shipping Setting in Magento. When finished, click continue and accept the terms on the next page. Then you will have given the Developer’s Test Key. Along with the Test Account ID and Test Meter Number. The password will have sent separately to your Primary e-mail.


FedEx Confirmation of Test System Access


With the password sent to your e-mail, you now have all the four fields that you need to set up FedEx Shipping on your Magento site. Make sure that Sandbox mode is checked to yes.


FedEx Sandbox of Test System

And there you have it, folks!


Open the General Mapping window and select the Shipping Method dropdown. You will see all the Shipping methods defined in Magento before the last time. The automatic scheduler has updated the Magento data into GP. For instance, click on ‘Synchronize Default Values’ and ‘Start’. This will bring all the values defined in Magento to GP. Select the Magento Shipping method in the list and use the browser to select the corresponding GP shipping method. This will map the shipping method in Magento with the shipping method in GP


Mapping Shipping Method in Dynamics GP


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