Use Vendor Cards to track the status of vendors and to print reports. Moreover, it’s important to keep this information up to date to reflect your company’s current activity. So, use the Vendor Maintenance window to create new vendor cards. Before you begin entering the first vendors, consider how to arrange the current and future vendor records. The minimum to set up a vendor is the Vendor ID, Name, and Class ID. You might want to assign specified groups of IDs to different types of vendors. You also might want to assign them to different vendor classes.

Start Microsoft Dynamics GP and click ‘Purchasing’ → click ‘Vendors’ under ‘Cards’ and the following window will appear:

vendor cards

Some fields in the window will have default values. Some default values are the same for all vendor information, but others come from the vendor class information entered in the Vendor Class Setup window.

Steps to set up Vendor Cards

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