Upselling and Cross-Selling Using Fashion Inventory Matrix for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Fashion Inventory Matrix allows fashion, apparel, and footwear companies to easily enter customer orders. It also provides a 360-degree view of the style, sizes, and designs to the customer.

Customer service representatives (CSRs) have visibility of the inventory and different styles, colors, and sizes available. This provides them the ability to guide a customer in their ordering process. Representatives can inform customers of the various combinations of items. New styles, colors, and sizes that are popular are offered to them.


Inventory Matrix View Dynamics GP


Process of Matrix View:

The CSR will open the Sales Order Processing window in Microsoft Dynamics GP. And then enter the customer’s information in the header section and select ‘Matrix View’.

This opens the Matrix View window which provides a 360-degree view to the representative. They get details about which categories of items (dresses, jackets, shirts, etc.) can be offered. This includes the various brands, styles, colors, and sizes that are available in each product line.


SOP Matrix View of Dynamics GP


CSRs can also check the quantity available for each item by expanding the screen.




While on this screen, the CSR can tell the customer which colors and sizes are available. And also the new colors that have recently been introduced, and which style colors are popular. CSRs have access to all the information regarding specific styles. This enables them to up-sell customers. By recommending different colors in the same style. They can also quickly enter the order. bB simply filling in the quantities in the respective cells. Every cell will be representing a unique SKU.

The quantities of a particular style are entered. After that, the CSR can save the order for that style. Other available styles can then be discussed with the customer.


Benefits of CSRs:

CSRs can enter as many styles as the customer requests. They have the ability to move back and forth between the saved styles. The quantities can also be changed as per the customer’s requirement. Throughout, the CSR has full visibility of the quantities that have been ordered and are available for each SKU. CSRs are better able to cross-sell to customers. This is because they have access to all the different categories of items. This also helps in recommending items that are similar or complementary to the products already ordered by the customer.

When the order is complete, the CSR can click ‘Process’ to populate SOP Order Entry Screen. After that, hundreds of individual sales order lines will be created in a short time. The user can toggle between the GP view and Matrix view. They also have the ability to make changes in either view.


Additional Benefits:

Upon order completion, the CSR can print the order. By clicking on the ‘Print’ button, you can do this in regular GP view. However, there is also an option of printing a custom Inventory Matrix-based order. By clicking on the custom ‘Print’ button, this can be done. After that, the Matrix invoice will list each color on a separate line. Moreover, only one line will be printed for each price level even if there are multiple prices for the same colors.




Product Information: Fashion Inventory Matrix is a solution from AccSoft Business Solutions Inc.


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