Batches Part 4: Posting batches by series in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Batches are groups of transactions, identified by a name or a number that you can use for identification purposes, and to make the posting process easier. You can use batches to group similar transactions during data entry and review them before posting at a later time. Similarly, you can identify batches as a group of […]

Scheduled Payments in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Scheduled Payments in Microsoft Dynamics GP enables greater automation and better accuracy in any company’s Accounts Payable (AP) Management. You can choose the interest rate, payment frequency, and other information when you create a payment schedule, and you can create a payment schedule using any posted document. Payment schedules are created from documents. However, payment schedules may vary […]

How to Create Webstore Catalog from Microsoft Dynamics GP

Webstore Catalog – Microsoft Dynamics GP One of the essential requirements of any eCommerce solution is the creation of a catalog. We create catalogs for the purpose of grouping and categorizing similar items together. Catalogs make it easy for the site visitor to search and browse. It enables them to find the items they are […]