Every product has certain unique features that differentiate it from the other products. This is the reason products have different attributes and in certain cases, the same product has different variants as well. These all things collectively help in defining the product/item in a specific way and also help customers to make the buying decision according to the requirement and need. Business Central allows defining attributes and variants in an item card.

Assign Attributes to Item:

To assign attributes, go to the item card. In an item card go to Item >> Attributes

Item attributes and variants

An attribute card will open, define the attributes according to the product and assign appropriate value to each attribute. If the category-specific attributes are defined already then the attributes come automatically. Further, please refer to our earlier blog about attribute creation and understanding.

The defined attributes will appear with an item

Define Variants of an Item:

To define variants, go to Action >> Item >> Variant


In an Item variant card, define the variants according to the product. Code can be numeric or alphabetic. To create variant-specific sales and purchase orders, select the appropriate code in the variant field of sales and purchase lines.

Define attributes and variants according to the products. For instance, if there is a scenario where this same shelf has different colors as well then there might be a possibility that an item will be created for each color with the same variants but different attribute sets. Similarly, for the same size and different colors, define size as an attribute and colors as variants. Usually, we define varying features in variants as Business Central allows to create sales and purchase orders for variants. So, define and structure the products smartly in business central using the available options

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