The Image Analyzer Extension in Business Central

Image Analyzer is an extension provided by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that analyzes the image and suggests certain attributes and its category on the basis of an item image. It provides an option to add or ignore the suggested data. Furthermore, the Image Analyzer extension is built into Business Central and just needs […]

How to Assign Attributes & Define Variants of Item in Business Central

Every product has certain unique features that differentiate it from the other products. This is the reason products have different attributes and in certain cases, the same product has different variants as well. These all things collectively help in defining the product/item in a specific way and also help customers to make the buying decision […]

How to Define Item Attributes and their Values in Business Central

Every item has particular parameters that help to define it and most of the time customers make their buying decisions based on the different attribute sets of an item. The most common attribute associated with almost every item is its color. Similarly, there is a size, material, model year, and so on. Every business has […]