Association of entities to specific No. Series makes their identification easier and plays an important role in data structuring. This is why every company prefers to assign unique identification codes to their data like customers, vendors, items, invoices, etc.

Defining No. Series in Business Central

Mostly things are referred to, through their specific numbers, and records are maintained accordingly in Business Central. To define No. Series in Business Central search “No. Series” through the search option and open the related link.

No. Series in Business Central

The list of all the existing number series in the system will appear. We can define the new series using the “New” option and also modify the existing one.

Click on “New” and an empty line will appear as shown below

Fill in the code and description for the series you want to define and then click on the starting no.

The following window will appear. Fill in the details according to your requirements like its Starting date, Starting No., Ending No. The warning no. means at which point it notifies that the defined number series is about to end, and you can define the new one then. Moreover, define the increment between numbers as per your choice. In the considered series the next number automatically generated, will be incremented by 5 as it is mentioned in the Increment by No. tab.

After filling in the details, close the window. Checkmark on Default Numbers if you want to generate numbers automatically and, checkmark on the manual if you want to enter numbers manually while working with that particular entity like item, vendor, etc. If it is on both, it means that the numbers can come automatically, and we can change/enter the number manually also.

To edit any existing No. Series, click on starting no. the related window will open, make appropriate changes, and close the window. As this no. series is already in use so the last used number and last used date are also coming as shown below.

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