Every business needs to know the demanded quantity of their products at any given time. This helps fulfill customer orders timely and ensures a smooth demand and supply process. The order planning in Business Central allows us to see the demand for all products based on sales orders at a glance. Although, for advance demand planning business central offers other functionalities but order planning is a basic tool that gives an instant picture of demanded quantities. From the role center page search for order planning and open the related link.

Calculating Demand:

In the order planning window select demand-type from the dropdown menu in the “Show Demand as” field. So, the system will calculate the plan according to the selection.

Now go to Process and select calculate a plan to get the current data.

Order planning window shows the status of sales order, sales order no., needed quantity, replenishment system for an item, etc. Demand Quantity Available field may not appear by default but can be added through personalization. Demand quantity available shows the quantity available in inventory plus the quantity on the purchase order. Consider an item 1908-S its available quantity is coming as 23.

Check in the item card. Quantity in inventory is 3 and on the Purchase order, it is 20, equivalent to 23.

Consider Sales orders against this same item. To fulfill one sales order quantity needed is 55 and for the other 22.

Go to the Item card again and check the quantity on the Sales Order. The quantity on the sales order, S-ORD101037 is 55 and the system is also showing the needed quantity as 55. For the second sales order, S-ORD101038 quantity on the sales order is 45 and the system is showing the needed quantity as 22 because 23 is already available. Hence with order planning, we can easily get the current demand status of products.

Also, from this window, you can create a purchase order according to the suggested quantity.

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