Order Planning in Business Central


Every business needs to know the demanded quantity of their products at any given time. This helps fulfill customer orders timely and ensures a smooth demand and supply process. The order planning in Business Central allows us to see the demand for all products based on sales orders at a glance. Although, for advance demand […]

Sales Order of Package Item & Assembly Order Creation in Business Central

The sales order of a package item automatically creates an assembly order depending on the condition selected in Assembly Policy. Assemble-to-Order: In the case of “Assemble to order”, the assembly order generates with the Sales Order, no matter item is available in inventory. Assemble-to-Stock: In the case of “Assemble to stock”, the assembly order does […]

How to Generate Sales Order for Catalog Items in Business Central

Catalog items in Business Central are not regular items, they are non-stock items and not available in inventory. Please don’t confuse them with non-inventory items as the catalog items are not managed in the system until the business starts selling them. The business provides them on demand. Also, the regular item list of business central […]