The sales order of a package item automatically creates an assembly order depending on the condition selected in Assembly Policy.


In the case of “Assemble to order”, the assembly order generates with the Sales Order, no matter item is available in inventory.


In the case of “Assemble to stock”, the assembly order does not generate with the Sales Order. If the item is not available in inventory, then generate internal assembly order to fulfill the demand.

Sales Order Creation:

Consider an item “Conference Room Package”, two sets are available in this package

First Scenario:

Sales Order Creation with assembly policy of an item as “Assemble-to-order”.

Even though quantity is available in inventory, assembly order is generated.

As there is no availability warning of inventory so we can post our sales order. Assembly orders post automatically when we post-sales orders.

After posting the Sales Order, the following message appears

Assembly order is not there anymore

The assembly order is posted automatically with the Sales Order and is available in posted assembly orders

Moreover, the inventory remains unaffected because the new assembly order fulfills the demand

Second Scenario:

Sales Order Creation with assembly policy of an item as “Assemble-to-stock”

No new assembly order generates in this case as quantity is available in inventory

If we post this Sales order, inventory quantity will reduce. First, post the order

Now check the inventory count, it reduces as a result.

Third Scenario:

Sales Order Creation with assembly policy of an item as “Assemble-to-stock” but quantity is lower than the required

Still, no new assembly order generates automatically so generate an Internal Assembly order

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