Image Analyzer is an extension provided by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that analyzes the image and suggests certain attributes and its category on the basis of an item image. It provides an option to add or ignore the suggested data. Furthermore, the Image Analyzer extension is built into Business Central and just needs to be enabled. Search “Service Connection” from the role center page and open the related link. Then, from the list click “Image Analysis Setup” to open it.

Image Analyzer

Enable the Image analyzer and then close the window.

Image Analyzer

How Image Analyzer Works:

Consider an item having no. 1010, after defining general information go to Picture >> Import, to upload an item picture.

The screen appears with a list of detected attributes. From the action to perform, we can choose an appropriate action for each suggestion. Action includes ignoring, using as an attribute, or using as a category.

Image Analyzer

Ignore: Not perform any action

Use as an attribute: For this action, the system will ask to which attribute it will map the value like color, material, etc. Select the attribute value as well.

Use as Category: This action adds value as an item category. Also, it creates the category with the same code and description in the system.

The details section populates according to the “Action to perform”

Image Analyzer

In the item card,  the category is populated as Fashion Accessory and Handbag appears in attributes, we can add more attributes to this item other than the suggested ones.

Category creation also happens with the “use as category” option

This blog covers how the image analyzer works in business central and how convenient it is to use this extension. accsoft has years of experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERPs. For further assistance and to make us your implementation partner reach us at info@localhost

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