The Omnichannel Solution – X2X

X2X eCommerce is a comprehensive Omnichannel Solution. It uses the power of Magento eCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics GP. Both of them are market leaders in their respective fields. It is the ideal mix of function, affordability, and power of both programs. This solution will take your business to new heights by connecting such software.

x2x eCommerce assists organizations to integrate their ERP & POS systems. Its suite of Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration solutions is used to do this. Its e-commerce integration services offer best-in-class eCommerce software integrations. May your organization be a small business or a large enterprise. The e-commerce services are stable, consistent, and affordable. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers various ERP and CRM applications. Organizations that wish to manage their data in a more organized and efficient way can utilize it.


The best omnichannel solution - x2x ecommerce

Integrations between ERP & POS systems open up capabilities on both sides of the operations. For instance, this includes inventory management and better decision-making capabilities. In addition, the customer interaction side, such as online shopping, and more sophisticated accounting and management. Above all, x2x eCommerce integrations enable a brick and mortar store to integrate their entire inventory with online channels and manage it with ease. Similarly, e-commerce integration of an ERP system with a POS system unifies in-store and online operations.

x2x eCommerce empowers organizations to deliver a seamless customer experience. You can achieve this by automating your e-commerce platform. In addition, they help you transform your business and establish your leadership in today’s retail environment. By working with x2x, you are presented with the golden opportunity of increasing your sales exponentially. Above all, x2x eCommerce also grows as a company when it is able to produce overwhelming results for its clients. Deploying these integrations will make your order fulfillment process much faster and productive. After that, the reports generated will give you several insights. As a result, you will make better-informed decisions. In conclusion, your organization will leap to much greater heights. All with a simple, yet powerful integration service.

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