Batches Part 3: Posting a Batch in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Batches are groups of transactions, identified by a name or a number that you can use for identification purposes, and to make the process easier. You can use batches to group similar transactions during data entry and review them before posting at a later time. Similarly, you can identify batches as a group of transactions […]

Integrate your eCommerce Webstore with your ERP System

Integrate your eCommerce Webstore with your ERP System There is a change in the way customers now buy. And, there are also emerging advancements in Ecommerce & ERP systems. That is, technology has changed the way people conduct business over the years. The industrialization process started in the 1930s. This changed the way people live […]

x2x-eCommerce – more than just an ERP and eCommerce connector

eCommerce Webstore An ERP System is the backbone of every organization and eCommerce webstore. It is the extension of a company’s sales and ordering system. A gateway for the customer to reach the organization with their orders and inquiries. It makes sense to integrate eCommerce webstore and ERP systems. After all, these systems share a […]

What is unique about X2X-eCommerce?

The Omnichannel Solution – X2X X2X eCommerce is a comprehensive Omnichannel Solution. It uses the power of Magento eCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics GP. Both of them are market leaders in their respective fields. It is the ideal mix of function, affordability, and power of both programs. This solution will take your business to new heights […]