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An ERP System is the backbone of every organization and eCommerce webstore. It is the extension of a company’s sales and ordering system. A gateway for the customer to reach the organization with their orders and inquiries. It makes sense to integrate eCommerce webstore and ERP systems. After all, these systems share a significant amount of information among them.

x2x eCommerce

check out our expert ecommerce webstore and erp platforms integration suites!

x2x eCommerce offers both accounting and e-commerce integrations for your business. By implementing our services, you will be able to manage your business more effectively than before. The integration solutions offered by x2x eCommerce are much easier to use. And also quicker to implement when compared to other integrations. Above all, your employees will need minimum training as x2x eCommerce uses an easy-to-use interface in the integrations. You can leave the automation of your daily processes to x2x eCommerce. Therefore, focus on increasing your company’s profit.

The e-commerce integration service integrates with top-of-the-line ERP and POS solutions. It provides hassle-free management of your e-commerce business. x2x eCommerce’s integration solution creates a 2-way synchronization between the ERP system and the POS solution. You are offered a wide range of integrations. Some of them are Dynamics 365 BC – Magento, Dynamics 365 BC – Shopify, RMH – Magento, and RMH – Shopify. Integrate your ERP and POS systems with reliability and credibility. Easily integrate your ERP system with your accounting software with the help of x2x eCommerce. The integration helps prepare your daily journal entries, post accounts payable, and credits memos to vendors. In addition, you can also keep track of the value of your inventory.

x2x eCommerce provides seamless integration into accounting software. This allows your bookkeeper to see journals and transactions beforehand. You also have the opportunity to automate the accounting tasks.  As a result, you simplify your business processes. By integrating two software, you are taking a step ahead of your competitors. As you will have advanced reporting systems in place to inform you about your business performance. Microsoft’s Business Central is such an ERP system for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps in automating and streamlining the business processes. Similarly, it also helps in managing the business.

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