Integrate your eCommerce Webstore with your ERP System

There is a change in the way customers now buy. And, there are also emerging advancements in Ecommerce & ERP systems. That is, technology has changed the way people conduct business over the years.

The industrialization process started in the 1930s. This changed the way people live and do business. The next major change came with the Communication revolution. That is, with the advent of the internet. This revolutionized the whole world.

The ever-increasing trend of online selling shows that the trend resonates with the people as the social trends are changing. The people are now experiencing a fast-paced lifestyle. Which causes a change in their previous patterns of shopping and consuming goods.

This creates a need for businesses to upgrade. Because long gone are the days when people used to wait in queues for the goods or services. The upgrade required is an online store or platform. That can give the customers whatever they want from wherever they want.

Benefits of ERP System: 

Benefits of ERP System Solution

Online selling – the new avenue for businesses to grow. Typically organizations start with an eCommerce store to meet the growing demand. Mostly demand from the customers to buy goods and services. For instance, in the comfort of their homes or workplace.

However, soon they find out that managing an eCommerce website is a big task. There is a constant need to add new items and remove the discontinued or out-of-stock items. After that, update images, change prices, manage product catalog, download orders for shipping purposes. Similarly, update the shipment information on the eCommerce website.

Above all, it is not only costly to maintain an online store in terms of the increased cost of payroll. In other words, it requires a person or team to keep an eye on the store and update it regularly. In addition, there is a huge risk of human error. This may lead to selling items at the wrong prices. Similarly, accepting orders when goods are not in stock, or putting wrong product information.

Security of ERP System:

E-Commerce Data Security of ERP System Solutions

All these costs can be avoided and risks mitigated. By using the most powerful tool that an organization has, its ERP system. The company’s ERP system has much of the information required by the website. In addition, it is also where the orders downloaded from the website are entered.

Integrating ERP solutions with your eCommerce solutions not only reduce the cost of extra staff. But also eliminate the costly mistakes and delays. Which can end up costing dearly to the organization.

In an ERP, integrated eCommerce system, the Product Catalog is maintained in the ERP system. Therefore, it allows you to move the product around without touching your website. Just add or remove items or reclassify them. Change prices and quantity discounts for customer groups, update available quantity, mark or temporarily remove the items, not in stock.

With an ERP, integrated eCommerce system like x2x eCommerce. You can integrate your shipping methods and payment gateways into your ERP system. Also download orders directly in your ERP solution and update the shipment information on the website. Just like you update the items description, quantities, images and specs, product catalog, and a lot more.


About x2x eCommerce

x2x eCommerce is an additional module developed for Dynamics GP. It extends the functionality of Dynamics GP to make it compatible with the eCommerce platform. You can integrate the enhanced Dynamics GP with the eCommerce solution. Thereby, eliminating the need to maintain the eCommerce store manually.

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