Batches are groups of transactions, identified by a name or a number that you can use for identification purposes, and to make the process easier. You can use batches to group similar transactions during data entry and review them before posting at a later time. Similarly, you can identify batches as a group of transactions entered by a specific employee or on a particular date.  


Batch posting allows you to post a group of transactions simultaneously.  The benefits of batch posting include easier usage and efficiency for entering large quantities of transactions and tracking transactions for audit purposes. Also, for consistency of process, we can even enter and post single transactions by batch.


To get the most benefit from batches, it is experts recommend to always print and review the Batch Edit Lists.  You can avoid many posting interruptions simply by printing the Batch Edit List prior to posting and checking for errors. Most importantly, the Batch Edit List can be printed from any module’s Batch Entry window from the printer icon on the top right of the window.


Posting a batch

Use the Payables Batch Entry window to post a batch. Click Purchasing →Transaction →Batches

posting a batch


Posting makes transactions part of your company’s permanent records. Until they’re posted, transactions can be modified, voided, or deleted. Once we post it, they are not alterable, though you can enter correcting transactions.


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