Fashion Inventory Matrix in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Fashion Inventory Matrix provides a powerful solution for wholesale and distribution companies dealing with multi-dimensional inventory items. The Fashion Inventory Matrix helps companies provide top-of-line customer service, better manage inventories and improve the purchase ordering process. If you have ever worked in apparel, footwear, luggage, or any industry that has complicated dimensions, then you’ll know […]

Understanding Vendor Cards in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Use Vendor Cards to track the status of vendors and to print reports. Moreover, it’s important to keep this information up to date to reflect your company’s current activity. So, use the Vendor Maintenance window to create new vendor cards. Before you begin entering the first vendors, consider how to arrange the current and future […]

How to Create Webstore Catalog from Microsoft Dynamics GP

Webstore Catalog – Microsoft Dynamics GP One of the essential requirements of any eCommerce solution is the creation of a catalog. We create catalogs for the purpose of grouping and categorizing similar items together. Catalogs make it easy for the site visitor to search and browse. It enables them to find the items they are […]

How to handle customer specific pricing in Magento from Dynamics GP

Customers viewing your Magento website have different needs depending on how they will ultimately use your products and/or services. Many of them are the end-users of the products. However, their purchase can be either personal or business-related. For example, a customer buys a printer for personal use. His needs and price range, however, will be different […]

Batches Part 1: Create Batches in Microsoft Dynamics GP

  Batches are groups of transactions, identified by a name or a number that you can use for identification purposes, and to make the posting process easier. You can create batches to group similar transactions during data entry, and review them before posting at a later time. Similarly, you can identify batches as a group […]

x2x-eCommerce – more than just an ERP and eCommerce connector

eCommerce Webstore An ERP System is the backbone of every organization and eCommerce webstore. It is the extension of a company’s sales and ordering system. A gateway for the customer to reach the organization with their orders and inquiries. It makes sense to integrate eCommerce webstore and ERP systems. After all, these systems share a […]

What is unique about X2X-eCommerce?

The Omnichannel Solution – X2X X2X eCommerce is a comprehensive Omnichannel Solution. It uses the power of Magento eCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics GP. Both of them are market leaders in their respective fields. It is the ideal mix of function, affordability, and power of both programs. This solution will take your business to new heights […]

How to setup customer specific pricing in Microsoft Dynamics RMS

Apart from standard item pricing, Microsoft Dynamics RMS allows defining three additional price levels for each item namely Price Level A, B, and C. In other words, using these additional price fields you can set up customer-specific pricing by assigning your customer to any of the prices levels. For example for Item #15110 the standard […]

Using Fixed Asset Modules in Dynamics GP – Straight Line Depreciation

Using Fixed Asset Modules in Dynamics GP – Straight Line Depreciation You can use Fixed Asset modules, to set up, enter, and maintain asset records. When necessary, you can add insurance and user-defined information. Above all, you can also create additional records for each asset. In addition, this might include the investment tax credit information […]

Upsell and Cross Sell with Inventory Matrix for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Upselling and Cross-Selling Using Fashion Inventory Matrix for Microsoft Dynamics GP Fashion Inventory Matrix allows fashion, apparel, and footwear companies to easily enter customer orders. It also provides a 360-degree view of the style, sizes, and designs to the customer. Customer service representatives (CSRs) have visibility of the inventory and different styles, colors, and sizes available. […]